image to pxon

need pxon of an image to import into a pxon-enabled app for some reason? upload the image and get a bunch of weird code back that is actually a format of javascript object notation (json) that i call pxon.

pxon generated below should be copied and pasted into an empty .json file.

why?, my favorite free in-browser pixel art editor (and hopefully yours too because i made it), doesn't have an image file import yet but it does have an import for pxon. this is a quick fix for people who are really itching to import images without me having to do a huge feature build when i virtually have zero time for such a task!

that all being said, this is not an ideal way to use pxon and i need to just find the time to build an import image file into every day is a winding road and also the larger the image you upload here the more likely your tab will crash! also i don't save any of these images ever, view the source and see for yourself :P

of course, this is open source on glitch :)

and made by jenn schiffer <3